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Divan Sets - we can offer King Size Beds for the price of a Double!



We boast a huge range of great deals on beds!



SilentnightMiracoil Spring System

Executive Miracoil BedThrough a unique spring system contained within both the Silentnight mattress and the divan base, the Miracoil Spring System guarantees total support. As the Miracoils run from head to toe, body weight and movement is distributed up and down the springs rather than across the bed into your partner's sleeping area. This creates a personal sleeping space with no roll together. Unlike ordinary beds, the springs in the Miracoil mattress run right to the very edge of the bed, ensuring no roll off, so you can stretch out in comfort. Additional Miracoils are concentrated in the centre third of the bed to create a posture zone which provides even greater support where your body needs it most.

All Silentnight Miracoil mattresses contain twice as many springs as an ordinary mattress, so the secret of a great night's sleep isn't a secret at all - it's a Miracoil.



At Taylors, we have an enormous range of mattresses to choose from but how do you know which is the right one for you?

The way a mattress is made, sewn together and filled will affect its feel. Both fillings and springs can make a bed harder or softer.

As a general rule, the better the bed, the better quality the fillings. Your bed should help to hold your spine in correct alignment. That also means reatining a correct lordosis (the hollow in your lower back) when you lie face upwards.

If a bed is too soft, you could sink in too far. Whereas a bed that's too firm, may leave your spine unsupported and prove extremely uncomfortable on shoulders, elbows and bottom.


The best way to test a new mattress for support is to lie on your back and slip your hand - palm down - in between the mattress and the hollow of your back. If the mattress is too hard, you'll discover an obvious gap. If the mattress is too soft, this simple test may prove too difficult to do.



A headboard adds the finishing touch to any bed and at Taylors we have a wide range to offer you. Below is just a small example of our collection.

Realm Headboard Regal Headboard Regency Headboard


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